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With over 1.5 million unique visitors and 10 million pageviews a month, BackYardChickens.com is the #1 resource for information on raising chickens in any backyard.

People all over the world are recognizing how wonderful it is to have “a pet that makes you breakfast”!


The name of this site reflects the content… it is a repository of a plethora of stuff Rob Ludlow considers “nifty”.

The site also features one of the best online printer forums.


The perfect companion to our flagship site, BackYardChickens, TheEasyGarden provides a warm and friendly environment for garden enthusiasts to learn and GROW!

Don’t waste thyme looking for sage advice – Go to TheEasyGarden.com.


SufficientSelf.com is a one stop shop for everything related to becoming more self-reliant, from natural remedies and living more frugally to emergency preparedness and generating your own electricity.


People across the world have expanded their family to include more than just the pet dog or cat. BackYardHerds is a wonderful community where people can ask questions and share stories about their pet goats, sheep, cows, pigs, and so much more!


A non profit with the goal of developing alternative lighting technologies, specifically a combination of Solar power and super efficient LED lighting, for people whose current sources of light are often terribly inefficient and dangerous.


What started out as Rob’s first forum as an offshoot of Nifty-Stuff.com has become a favorite destination for printer enthusiasts to discuss all aspects of owning, maintaining, and refilling ink-jet and laser printers


BYC’s sister site which handles all the e-commerce aspects of BYC branded merchandise including shirts, bumper stickers, tattoos, and more! Share your love of a “pet that makes you breakfast” with the world!


A community of readers and discussions on their favorite books & authors. Come share which book(s) you are currently reading and ask questions about books you’d like to read.


Rob’s first commercial project was back in 2000 while in college. The site was a free on-line service provided to college students for the purpose of getting and making course/professor reviews. The site was sold in 2011

.:: prowebology.com ::.

Prowebology provides web design with personalized service, focusing on two different web packages that include everything your business needs to promote your company on the web. The group provides great service, support, & value.


Looking for information on how to raise goats? Goatweb was one of the first resources on the internet providing information on goat breeds and general goat care information.


Looking for help with a kitchen, bathroom, or other remodel project? Excited to share pictures and information about a recent project you’ve completed? Then you should check out RemodelForums.com